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Thread: Unpatriotic Debt!

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    Unpatriotic Debt!

    Obama already outdebts Dubya

    By S.A. MILLER

    Last Updated: 2:58 AM, March 21, 2012

    Posted: 1:52 AM, March 21, 2012

    WASHINGTON — After just three years and two months in office yesterday, President Obama has already racked up more government debt than George W. Bush totaled in eight years.

    The debt has climbed by $4.93trillion under Obama, compared to $4.89 trillion during Bush’s two terms, according to a report from the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Public Debt.

    Obama, who called the debt accumulated under Bush “unpatriotic,” has so far on his watch let the nation’s red-ink level reach $15.5 trillion, from $10.626 trillion when he took office.

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has predicted that Obama's policies will push up the national debt by $9.7 trillion. That would boost the debt to more than $20 trillion by the end of Obama's second term, if he wins re-election.

    :eek: Holy ****!

    Emperor Dumbama: The US' version of Matt Mulligan! :banghead:

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    Patriotism was never Obungler's strong suit....

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    Nor is honesty. Obama "My healthcare plan is revenue neutral". CBO "The Affordable Healthcare Act will add 2 trillion to the debt in its first 10 years"

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    Green energy = Pond Scum.

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    [QUOTE=Frequent Flyer;4409943]David Axelrod = Pond Scum.[/QUOTE]

    fixed! :banana:

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    The whole system is corrupt. These smucks are in there for one thing to make money and to find friends in high places. We are just an impediment to them.


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