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Thread: Trading Tebow to the Jaguars for Lowery seems logical...

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    Lowery is not a safety in this system... He can't tackle. Would be the same as the dumbass idea of moving Cro over to safety.

    Lowery was moved because he's not quick enough to be a corner and not physical enough to be a safety in this system.

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    Tebow and 16 for 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonJET View Post
    In order to fill a position of need with a person familiar with our defensive system, of course, why not?... They considered, for a few seconds, Jerricho coming back... Picking up Lowery(and his contract) to play FS would easily replace the 4th round pick we gave up... and the 7th round pick we got from the Broncos in exchange for our 6th is small change considering the relatively small amount of stars that come that late in the draft...


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