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Thread: Question for Obama Fans

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    [QUOTE=cr726;4418329]Republican Scott Brown, remember him? He's against Ryan's budget.[/QUOTE]

    Ma. Republican (liberal)

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    [QUOTE=Winstonbiggs;4417920]We will have two candidates with a different vision running. The will both have an opportunity to get their message out. They are competing visions not some utopian ideal that we might want.

    We collectively have decidely different ideas about what solutions to apply, we don't even have the same idea of what the problems are.[/QUOTE]

    If only the Federal government hit high level governing on things like Defense as they are supposed to and allowed the states to determine the rest as it was designed. Then you could actually have 50 choices in how you live while still being American.

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    [QUOTE=chiefst2000;4418217]The President is the leader of the free world. He can get Senate Democrats to pass whatever budget he wants. You are intentionally covering your eyes on this one. It is plain as day. They don't want you to see their plan because if you did you wouldn't like it. Or worse, they have no plan.[/QUOTE]

    Maybe so. I'm inherently skeptical of these "grand schemes" attributed to Obama. New ones are made up everyday - see FrequentFlyer's daily posts.


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