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Thread: New Story: Tebow to Jets? Not so fast.

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    New Story: Tebow to Jets? Not so fast.

    After reports came out earier*today that the Jets traded for Broncos QB Tim Tebow, ESPN is now reporting that there may be a glitch in the deal that will void the trade.

    In possibly the biggest "scratch your head" *news in Jets history (and there have been many over the years)*the story broke out early this afternoon that the Jets had sent a 4th round and 6th round pick in this year's draft *for Tebow and the Broncos' 7th round pick.

    Now, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the two sides have encountered a hangup in the language of Tim Tebow's contract...


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    Tanny is losing credibility faster than he can spell Tebow. One more circus season like last year and I see the entire management staff getting canned. How do you not read a contract before signing a deal? Crazy!
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    Funny thing is that Tannenbaum's claim to fame is he is a contract master. I guess you have to read them before making a trade. Good job Bean Counter.

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    ny jets- 40 yrs of a joke of a franchise

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    Tanny is getting dumber every year. How long before he gets sent to the funny farm?

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    Tanny didnt even review the contract before finalizing the deal figures the front office is a joke. Nullifying this deal will only making this franchise look really stupid.

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    This will not bode well for Tannenbaum if this deal falls through.


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