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Thread: FLORIDA-- A Great Place To Kill Someone

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    [QUOTE=RazorJet;4418073]Wtf are they doing down there. A stand your ground law that allows you to follow and then gun down innocent children when they turn on you. Bullsh!t.
    This isn't a case of poor police work, but overall stupidity. This law was voted on by people who elected Jeb Bush. And helped to cheat a win of presidency for his brother.
    Now will here how this is a hate crime and all that and that's bullsh!t to. This isn't a bias crime. The shooter has been looking to shoot someone for a long time. He leads a neighborhood watch program, he carries a concealed weapon, he followed a 'suspicious' looking character. Holy sh!t was this guy just chomping at the bit to shoot someone.
    Remember Eileen Warnos? Killed a bunch of rapist and scumbags. She was sentenced to death. Casey Anthony, kill her own child and gains acquital. What a state motto. Protecting criminals and killing children. We should just push Florida out to sea and bomb it.

    And remember guys, if your gonna kill someone, make sure he is the same color as you or its a hate crime. Proof that political correctness leads to ignorance.

    I am Travon marches will only lead to arrest and more pain. The powers that be will just close the blinds and continue not carrying. Be careful. Peace[/QUOTE]

    Holy **** I just read this for the first time. :rotfl:

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    How come Sharpton and his croonies are not organizing a march for the 6 y/o girl that was killed in gang related cross fire? Amazing.

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