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Why do you beleive that all conservatives get their info from FOX?

Conservatism is based on rational economics from Adam Smith and carried on by Milton Friedman as taught in B-schools since the 1800's. It has existed long before FOX. The deterioration of conservatism began in the early 60's as we paid people NOT to work and created government to monitor them, unionized this government and created payrolls no where available in the "real world".

We make a 25 year pension position out of a glorified newsboy in the USPS for example.
You are bringing up a separate, and fair, point. The conservatives, and liberals for that matter, that exists in America today (for the most part) have moved away from the principles that their idealogies profess.

There are many reasons for that but the main stream media has had a big influence on the "dumbing down" of the political process and it is done with purpose. Whether it was Rupert Murdoch or the C.E.O.s at CBS and NBC, they have distored and manipulated the process for their own interests.

When can have a solid debate about whether liberal or conservative policies work better. However it does not matter if the politicians backed by special interests (including the unions and corporations) pervert the system and idealogies.