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Thread: Tom Hartman, on the Supreme Court

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    [QUOTE=MnJetFan;4428017]Laws mandating someone buy a product is unconstitutional. Obama said so in a Interview on the Ellen Degeneris(sp) show![/QUOTE]

    HAHA you watch Ellen!

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    I've never heard of the guy, but I would be willing to trade him for Phil Hartman

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    [QUOTE=DeanPatsFan;4428101]Not exactly.

    Sean Hannity believes in the Constitution.

    Hartman and most other lefties, not so much.....[/QUOTE]


    Oh yes, Hannity is a staunch advocate of the constitution in 2012 much like his conservative friends in congress. I failed to see him and the others complaining much about the violations of the constitution during the Bush years. hmmmm. :rolleyes:

    Same with Mark Levin :rolleyes:

    Its the same with the deficit. Where was all the talk about wasteful spending during the Bush years? Reagan years?

    Lets see; the party politicians, and their mouth pieces in suits on Fox, will complain about the costs of affordable health care but have no problem spending billions to build roads and bridges half way around the world in foreign countries.

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