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Thread: Lotta noise on twitter about possible Sanchez trade...

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    Lotta noise on twitter about possible Sanchez trade...

    Any legit reports other than Silent Boob?

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    Say it isn't so.

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    stop the frigging spamming already

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    There are no Tweets from any of the usual Twitter suspects (Schein, Schffter, Cimini, King, Manish) so cut it out.

    April Fools Day was last week.

    SAR I

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    ugh............another one of these?

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    Threads like this are a waste of posters time.
    Why is this allowed?

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    Just a matter of compensation that needs to be worked out.

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    I hear the Jets are trying offering up their 1st this year and next year along with Revis in a package to entice teams to take Sanchez off their hands. Each of the voices in my head have confirmed this rumor.


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