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Thread: Gronkowski on Tebow (Forced Rape Edition)

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    Gronkowski on Tebow (Forced Rape Edition)

    For some reason Rob Gronkowski is travelling the country on some sort of "I almost won a Super Bowl" amateur media tour.

    Here he's apparently in some sort of college multi-purpose auditorium and asked to play "f*ck, marry, kill" with Tim Tebow, Betty White, and Rex Ryan as his options.

    Gronk doesn't get past the first choice--he immediately elects to have sex with Tim Tebow and "take his virginity."

    Stay classy, Gronk.
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    At first I was disgusted, but when I found out that it was a set game of kill, marry, f**k and those were his choices, I have to give him a pass. Tebow was either going to be married or dead.

    It was a classless game to begin with. I dont blame Gronk for playing the game. I blame the people for instituting the game

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    I'm outraged.


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