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Thread: Jets considering bringing Braylon back - PFT 4/19

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    [QUOTE=Vin;4442299]You know.....

    Seeing all of Dreamers quotes(by other posters replying to him) reminds me of why I put that clown on IGNORE so long ago. [img][/img]

    He KNOWS the truth but his blind dislike for the player just 'cause he OUTSHINED his fan-favorite(Holmes) when he was here is just plain laughable.[/QUOTE]

    ???? Why do you keep saying I am I Holmes fan? I haven't defended his cry baby butt either. I'd still take Santana Moss over either.

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    This message is hidden because Dreamers is on your ignore list. [/quote]


    You're like John Cena who says "You can't see me!"

    'Cause I really can't and am glad I can't.


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