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Thread: N.J needs to do something about those who text and drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post
    Still trying to destroy the Hampur?

    I made it, but I just missed a dragon on the Merritt.

    You must have used the whirwind sprint shout. To busy to fight probably onward to the quest at hand no time for pesky fire breathers.

    The high level archers will not give you this choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post
    Just saw THIS, sorry to hear--but teenage girls shouldn't be able to drive till they're no longer teenagers.

    My earlier responses--whilst seeming insensitive--were merely attempts to mock the local ass-hat.

    No worries, it all comes around. Turns out the young lady and my cousin were in several classes together. To say she is not herself is a bit of an under statement. She has been on suicide watch for a week now.

    I used to do this to. Until one day I was merging onto the highway and almost killed an RCMP officer. He did not give me a ticket and I have never typed while driving since. Nothing, not one thing is important enough for me to take away a human life, or maybe my own.

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    i wonder if that bronx zoo van driver was texting


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