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Thread: I love how we went from having to reach for Barron to hoping he's drops

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    [QUOTE=Mikey Z 6;4440152]melvin ingram
    quinton coples
    michael floyd
    david decastro
    stephen hill
    mark barron
    courtney upshaw

    IS ALL THERE.. who do you like?[/QUOTE]

    In order of day-one sure things, it's probably:


    In order of *upside* it's probably the exact opposite.


    Anyone disagree?

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    [QUOTE=GMCJETS;4440523]Joey Clinkscales is a MORON.[/QUOTE]

    I hope not ... are chances of seeing a Super Bowl are that much slimmer if Clinskscales does not know what he is doing.

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    [QUOTE=Gangrene;4440514]According to a report, Joey Clinkscales has hinted that Barron is not an ideal safety fit for the Jets.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=GMCJETS;4440523]Joey Clinkscales is a MORON.[/QUOTE]

    Actually its moronic to believe any reports or hints as to who someone or a team likes, or doesn't like before a draft.

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    [QUOTE=Chupa;4440128]Without a single down of football being played. [/QUOTE]

    To be fair the guy was coming back from major surgery. So no Senior Bowl, no Combine, not a single timed 40 on him.

    When he had his pro day people saw he was mostly recovered from his injury and that he was a pretty good athlete. Running in the 4.5's was excellent for his size & lack of extensive training.

    It was only then that Barron began to rocket up the draft boards.

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    [QUOTE=GMCJETS;4440141]Barron has to be the pick if hes there.[/QUOTE]

    Agreed! he will bring tremendous stability, ability to cover, hitting power, and leadership to our secondary.

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    [QUOTE=detjetsfan;4440531]We already have two, expensive Strong Safeties on our current roster. We need a Free Safety not another undersized linebacker.[/QUOTE] Barron lined up as both a free and strong safety at bama, in deep coverage and in Cover-2, in the box as a blitzer, short-zone defender, and force defender, shut out Gators with Tebow, had a sack in the National Championship game and hits like a tons of bricks :yes:

    has been at the top of my list for a while

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    [QUOTE=Gangrene;4440514]According to a report, Joey Clinkscales has hinted that Barron is not an ideal safety fit for the Jets.[/QUOTE]

    Which means if he's there at #16, he'll be a Jet.

    You can't believe anything that comes from any front office this time of year.

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    I'll be p*ssed if Coples and Barron are both available at 16 and we take Barron.

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    Doubtful he'll be there at 16, but if he is, Barron would be great. If not, maybe H Smith is a second round option though I'm not totally sold on him.

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    His stock hasn't changed much at all in my eyes. Still think he's merely the best of a absolutely pathetic safety crop, and wouldn't even be a 1st rounder in most drafts. He's no Earl Thomas. That's the kind of Safety that is worth the Jets pick. Not Marc Barron.

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    Trade down ... Pick up McClellin around 25.

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    Taking an ok Safety prospect in the 1st round is almost as dumb as taking a kicker in the 2nd rouund. Oh wait the Jets already did that.

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    [QUOTE=detjetsfan;4441275]Taking an ok Safety prospect in the 1st round is almost as dumb as taking a kicker in the 2nd rouund. Oh wait the Jets already did that.[/QUOTE]

    A safety prospect? With that logic why draft anyone?

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    [QUOTE=GMCJETS;4441340]A safety prospect? With that logic why draft anyone?[/QUOTE]

    Safeties are a dime a dozen. Not my fault the Jets organization doesn't have a clue on how to evaluate the position they have to reach for one in the 1st round.

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    I can't possibly imagine why the Jets or any team for that matter don't have all you experts in the draft rooms.

    I hope they do draft some of these people you guys want, so that they aren't successful. The bust-factor would be worth it so I can come mock all of you.

    Coples, Upshaw, Branch and Mercilius are 4-3 defensive ends. They have good size, strength, and quickness to set the edge and still be able to rush the passer. They stomp when they run, they lack the quick feet and agility to be OLBs. These guys are likely to have decent to successful careers but they don't fit in this system. I understand and agree that OLBs in a 3-4 are intended to rush the passer more often than not, but they absolutely HAVE to be able to play in space as well. Having a guy who is only good at rushing the passer gives the offense too easy of a job of identifying what the defense is trying to do. For example, I'm pretty sure 31 out of 31 opposing defenses would NOT expect 51 green to ever drop back in coverage. Having a guy that can play in space, Ingram, McClellin, Perry, Curry, give you that disguisability.

    With that said...

    Right after Tebowpocalypse, my father told me about a third party who conspired that getting Tebow was going to help the Jets move into the top to get Blackmon or Richardson. I scoffed and mentioned them, the only way they trade up is on draft night and if its Ingram passes number 11. I still feel that way. I'm not afraid of anyone in the top 11 taking him (I believe he is undersized as a 4-3 DE) but I worry about Arizona. If the Bills pass on Michael Floyd then things get interesting.

    If the Seahawks' price for #12 is too high then, I like Barron at 16. I agree he seems to be the only guy with legs in the azzkicking competition that is this Safety class. I also would like to stake my claim that the idea of a "weak" safety class is overstated. Not because it's not true, but because..when was the last good safety class? With all of the spread offenses in college, very few teams are really producing high-quality safeties. There's much talk about the Cowboys and Eagles both having interest, but I'm confident at least one of those teams takes a DT one of which being someone whose name rhymes with Lichael Mockers (likely the Cowboys in Rob's 3-4). Dontari Poe is not out of the question for either team either.

    A wild card is someone getting into #11. I don't know that there's anything in that position that Kansas City needs that they couldn't find a little further down. This could mean that the Jets should get into that position for Ingram, or it could mean that another team does.

    If for some chance Ingram and Barron are gone at 16 and neither of of the above situations occur, which isn't unlikely, then a trade down is the best case scenario. If Michael Floyd is still on the board, well then that's a tough decision. Personally, I don't mind looking at receiver in round 2 or 3. Brian Quick is someone I'm really interested in. Something that would be thrilling to me, would be is if Floyd is there and Cleveland still has some faith in Colt McCoy. I'd love to move down to 22 and also pickup 67 where we could talk about Quick, Alshon Jeffery, Tommy Streeter and the like. Another good option would be if Buffalo takes Floyd and Stephon Gilmore is still hanging around at 16. Then I call the Detroit Lions as fast as humanly possible at which point I speak to them about pick 85 and then some or even see what else they'd need for 23 and 54. At 22 or 23 the only time I'd need on the clock would be however long it would take me to spell out S-H-E-A M-C-C-L-E-L-L-I-N. I don't see him going anywhere between 16 and there unless someone like New England or Baltimore wanted into 20. Which is contradictory to what those teams typically do.

    If a trade down is not available, then at 16 I like the best available offensive lineman whether it be DeCastro or Cordy Glenn. I'd rather have a tackle, but Brandon Moore is certainly no spring chicken. And if one of them came into camp and looked as good or better, no Brandon Moore gives me $3M in cap room.

    In summation, I'd like to see OLB, S, WR, OT, addressed in the first three picks. In that order as well. Sorry for the long read, I never intended to get this in depth. I really only wanted to scoff at the Coples, Mercilus, Upshaw bandwaggons. But I figure I at least ought to explain myself.

    That is all.
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    Make no mistake about it Barrons stock has gone down not up. Philly and Dallas are just playing games with each other hoping one will be stupid enough to jump on Barron way too early. Dallas needs to go DL here and Philly just drafted a SS last year in the 2nd. I can't see them just giving up on Jaiquawn Jarrett after 1 year and Coleman was their best S last year. I have no doubt he will be there when we pick and I don't want him. Yeah we will look at him because he is seen as the best SS but we went out and signed a big FA at his position. That pretty much means we aren't fishing for anther SS. That was our big pick up so it would be pretty counter productive to pick up a not so great prospect in the draft to replace the FA we just signed. That is right up there with signing Sanchez then trading him IMO. That would make 0 sense at all. Barron may still be a 1st but his injury will have him dropping down the line I assure you. He just is not that good of a talent on film. This is just a case where the story is bigger then the actual man. By draft time Kiper will be saying he is 7ft tall, eats lightning, and craps thunder.


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