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Thread: Here is my Jets mock...

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    Good draft I like Barron a lot and we do need help at Olb as well but I just can't see how we can go into next season without a different right tackle.

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    Good draft but I personally prefer a passrusher in the first, then safety later. Give me Mercilus etc in the first

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    The problem with Mercilus is that he's reputed to have stiff hips and we all know how much Tanny still gets crucified for Gholston, I don't think they draft Mercilus for that reason alone.

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    My thing is, you draft a great pass-rusher in the first round, someone who can change the entire complexion of the defense. But you don't waste time drafting a decent pass-rusher or a developmental pass-rusher in the second. Rex and Pettine can cobble together a good enough pass-rush on scheme and role-players. Better to follow the Giants--who every year do something make sure their elite front four stays elite--and draft to our strength in the secondary with a priority on landing a versatile safety.

    Put another way, of players who could conceivably be there at 16, to me it's either Ingram or WR/S in the first round, and then S/WR in the second round. I'd be quite happy with any combination of Floyd/Hill/Wright/Jeffrey with Barron/Smith/Martin/Iloka in the first two rounds. Than take some fliers on OL depth and RB in the later rounds.

    Yes, getting to the quarterback is essential in 2012, but I just think the last thing this team needs is to spend a second round pick on someone who's first-year ceiling is much better than what you'd get from Maybin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green&White51 View Post
    Good draft I like Barron a lot and we do need help at Olb as well but I just can't see how we can go into next season without a different right tackle.
    Remember there are still June cuts, i think a veteran or two might be added.

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    From 2005 (The drafter after they got Eli) to 2011, the Giants have spend their 1st and 2nd round picks on:

    DB: 5 (4 corners and a safety)
    WR: 3
    DL: 4 (2 DEs and 2 DTs)
    OL: 1
    LB: 1
    RB: 0

    Tuck was a 3rd in '04, Umenyiora a 2nd in '03. JPP and Kiwanuka are the 2 pass rushers that they've drafted highly in the last 7 drafts. Kiwanuka at #32 in '05 was the first time they took a pass rusher in the first since 1996.

    The commitment to the front 4 didn't exist until the past 2 years, actually. They took JPP and Linval Joseph in 2010 and Marvin Austin in 2011. Before that, they'd been using the first round for DBs and WRs. All those DBs they drafted and they still had to go out and pay big money for Rolle.

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    Talking IS BARRON 100 % HEALTHY.?

    Quote Originally Posted by King Koopa View Post
    Love this draft.....Barron/Curry/Pead is about as much as you can ask for with the 1st 3 picks

    Don't like the Lindley pick though.....I'm high on McElroy as the developmental #3 and we could use that pick for solid depth

    Nothing against the player though....if Lindley is around toward the end of the draft, I'm fine with it
    -- All good choices-- I still like FS Brandon Taylor of LSU, as a third rounder. Probably underrated. Lets hope for the best , on Thursday night.!

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    -- I'd definitely be in on the top 2 choices and probably Pead. Though if it that means giving up on Powell already than no.

    -- Fasano is in the final year of his contract with Miami, I believe

    -- If the Jets are going to be the type of team they say, the first 3 (maybe 4) picks should be for defense and running game (RB/OL). No need for a WR early.

    -- The Jets would be wise not to trade up and lose their #2 and/or #3. We need some immediate impact players and they tend to come in the early rounds. Plus we need some quality depth and we can find them here too. We can't rely on the extra picks in the 6th/7th round for depth.


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