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Thread: Autistic Child Verbally abused by Teachers and Aides

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady's a catcher View Post
    I'm not a parent, although i hope to be soon. I believe I would leave my house with murderous intentions if my child was on a tape like that. My guess is that JW's wife reminded him how much more valuable he was to his child's life out of prison (not trying to speak for you brother, just a guess, no offense meant).

    As always, I say the punishment should be the offender(s) in a sound proof room for an hour with the parent(s)...or someone like Ragu if the parents are too decent.
    I (we) have a 7 yr and 4 yr old, never a dull moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefst2000 View Post
    I know the salaries for tenered teachers in Cherry Hill. 120K plus benefits. Last time I checked States set the conditions for all government employees and municipalities are left holding the bag. Also the last time I checked Unions use the majority of their funds to purchase politicians whom they then have to negotiate with. Seems to me that the system is gamed when a union can purchase a politician who then negotiates with that same union on salaries and benefits. You don't see the inherit conflict in that set up?
    Why shouldn't a union have the same rights as corporations?

    Unions and companies are people too.

    Free speech!! AMIRITE?

    If you have a problem with teacher's contract take it up with the people who approved them. Or is it just easy to bash greedy teachers because they had the nerve to negotiate their best deal? I'm sure all of us would gladly give up salary to help balance the budget right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cr726 View Post
    I (we) have a 7 yr and 4 yr old, never a dull moment.
    I'm sure bro.. I baby sit once in a while for close friends...If I were you, as a LEO, I think I'd have to leave my gun at home if there was this kind of issue...I'm ready to throw fists over animal rights, let alone when it's my own child (which I pray is coming soon!)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus View Post
    Sorry but you are misinformed. Special Ed kids are only labeled "special ed" if their parents AGREE to have them tested. There are multiple cases everywhere where parents refuse to have their kids tested. The students are then placed in general ed. Compound this with easier standards to get out of special ed under NCLB and it is recipe for disaster.

    Walk through any NYC public school and see if you can pick out the special ed kids from the regular ed both physically and/or emotionally. Special Ed students are often mixed with regular ed students in certain class settings. You will be shockingly surprised at how challenging it is.......
    yeah but if they do not ask to be seperated then a teacher should be able to notice the difference instead of chalking it up to laziness or a don't care attitude then the child gets lost in the system and usually does very poor academically and may get in trouble in the later years. It is all about reckonizing early and getting them help.


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