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Thread: What to watch...NY Rangers or NFL Draft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2foolish197 View Post
    ...Ranger game might be over by time our pick comes around...
    Makes for a good line up, check in on the draft during commercials.

    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Fuk the Rangers.

    That is all.
    Easy Puddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlagmanL11 View Post
    and the winners of one cup in YOUR lifetime!!!
    Huh? sg3 was old enough to drink in 1940.

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    I used to watch the 1st round of the draft for consecutive hours when they had it on Saturday, and I always looked forward to it. The 2000 Draft, for example, was like waking up to Christmas morning as a kid.

    However... We're talking win-or-go-home time for the Rangers/Devils. This isn't a Game 3 with the teams tied a game apiece. It's Game 7 and it's all on the line. The Rangers-Senators games 2-6 have been white-knuckle tight every minute, so I'll be devoting 90% of my time to that contest.

    As much as I enjoy the analysis, the strategy, and the occasional bombshell that I get watching the Draft, the reality is that there's also A LOT of downtime, babble, and commercials (sorry for the redundancy) involved in it.

    And for the posters who think they'll DVR the Draft while at the hockey game and catch it later, do you expect to avoid hearing the Jets pick that way? If you do, expect to be disappointed when the big video screen in the arena shows it during a break, or at the very least the D-bag in the seat in front of you yells it out as "breaking news". I was at a Mets game in '08 when the Gholston pick was shown on the video screen. Now THAT'S one time I wish I'd never heard the news!

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    You can also use the WatchESPN app to watch the draft.

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    What do I look like, a Canadian?

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    Got up streaming that coverage and gonna watch Panthers-Devils on the tv

    GO PANTHERS!!!!!


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