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Thread: Coples freakish Brands

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    Looks like someone took a sh!t on his arm.

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    Good thing he doeesn't belong to the cut off thine own balls society.

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    [QUOTE=LockeJET;4450606]Looks like someone took a sh!t on his arm.[/QUOTE]

    I blame it on the turd-burglar :yes:

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    I'll admit it - I was young and dumb and I have a frat brand on my arm. I mention that only to say that it hurts far less than you would think. The iron is so hot that is kills the skin cells immediately and you only feel it for a second.

    That said, my brand is nothing like that and it definitely didn't keloid that way. That's the worst I've ever seen.

    [QUOTE=McGinley;4450164]Seriously, can we scrape that ish off or something? Guess that's why you don't burn chocolate.[/QUOTE]

    Okay, that was pretty funny.


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