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Thread: Real Differences between Coples and Gholston

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    Dude, your just throwing out generalizations now.

    Guys like Julius Peppers and Jason Pierre-Paul had the same knocks against them. Even Mario Williams' motor was questioned coming out.

    Vernon Gholston never was able to grasp the mental aspect of the game and didn't have a mean bone in his body. Everything you read or hear about Coples is that he has good instincts, a good football IQ, and plays with a nasty demeanor. The only knock on him is that he doesn't go all out on every single down. Again, the same exact criticism of Peppers and Williams when they entered the draft.
    I think the number one critcism of Coples isn't just that he takes a few plays off as much as that he doesn't love football and just wants to get paid. Gholston also had a repuation as a guy who "didn't love football" and obviously that didn't work out... We all want our players to be super motivated team first guys. Never works out that way, but as someone who loved Ingram, it concerns me that we passed him up for a guy who might only try hard in a contract year.

    I mean, the best case scenario is Julius Peppers, and I'd rather have a Demarcus Ware than a Peppers personally. I don't like distant, dispassionate players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJoe View Post
    Mangini ended up drafting Gholston.

    Strange, I thought Mike Tannenbaum was the GM when Gholston was drafted. Curious, did Mangini also fire himself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jets31 View Post
    Gholston was the least passionate player I have ever seen in the NFL. He just didnt care. He could just as well have been riding a bike in the park it seemed no different to him.

    I know a lot of guy question Coples efforts but the guy showed up at the Senior bowl. Rex checked him out first hand.

    Also people forget about Gholston on draft day. We were almost forced to pick him. 6 blue chips and we were sitting at 6 with the pats behind us. They smokescreened us into thinking they would take him. Out of fear we took the chance and got burned.

    Coples was a guy the staff wanted.

    And another thing people act like he played bad his senior year. The guy still had ok stats with 7.5 sacks. If thats him half-assing it then I cant wait to see him once Rex gets a hold of him
    People also forget that the UNC team was in complete disarray for most of the year with the suspensions and coaching change. Plus, he went through a position change that might not have suited him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    Strange, I thought Mike Tannenbaum was the GM when Gholston was drafted. Curious, did Mangini also fire himself?
    The point I was making was that the pick is generally associated with the Mangini regime.

    Thanks for the condescending tone.

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    I understand we really needed a OLB, and Ingram was there for us, but it's not like Ingram is some special talent. I see ingrams upside someplace around Paces, good not great.

    I like the pick the more I think about it. We don't need a single guy to rush the passer, we need a bunch of guys who can do alright and eventually get there.

    The giants don't have any great pass rushers, they have 4-6 pretty good ones. If copies turns out to be slightly above average like Justin tuck, I'd be really happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet View Post
    BS. you ought to do some research. He was changed from the left side to the right side. It took him time to adjust! He has a new DEC and HC. The whole team underachieved. BUT in the second half of the season the guy stood out! Try to be discerning and not a town crier! Look at Coples when he was on the left side which was familiar to him. The guy was awesome. You apparently want him to fail. He won't and I will tell you what sonny. Lets put some money on it! If you have the guts PM me and we will arrange it! I am sick and tired of people like you who do not do any reasearch before yapping! Put your money where your mouth is!

    You are on the clock........

    For what its worth I wanted either Barron or Ingram. I am happy with Coples especially after the way REX scouted the kid himself. He is not infallable but again, put your money where your mouth is.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ven0m View Post
    The #1 knock on Gholston at Ohio State was that Gholston quit on plays as well, so saying Gholston always played hard is pretty laughable man.

    But that's not why Gholston failed in the NFL, nobody on the Jets would question Gholston's effort while he was here. One thing anybody with the Jets would tell you is that he worked hard for us.

    Gholston's major problem was that he was never able to grasp the mental side of the game, and no thats not calling him lazy or questioning his effort, it's saying he couldn't comprehend the responsibilities of a linebacker or his role within the defense. He always played tentative with us because he was never really quite sure if he was in the right spot. That's why he failed. Not because he didn't want it bad enough. That's just lazy talk by lazy people (Ironic, isn't it?)

    This is really all that should be said.

    Gholston was a strange case. he was a physical freak and athletic but he was never a "football" player. He had to learn the game all over again when he came to the Jets and what was freakish physical talent in college was overshadowed in the NFL where players just as talented but also capable lined up against him.

    I remember the draft where it seemed everyone knew the Jets were taking Gholston, everyone said they had to take him becuase anyone else would be a reach, and yet everyone said he would be a project and hada high change of being a bust.

    I swear on this board people were saying they would rather get a safety like Phillips or grab Flacco or even Chris Johnson but were told that 6 was too high to pick those guys. I think they also tried hard to trade down and no one was biting.


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