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Thread: New Jersey Devils (6) vs. Philadelphia Phailures (5): Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMC View Post
    Now that the series is over we can't jinx it for Apache, LOL

    NJ, philly fans really are the worse.

    I expected the Devils to win the series, but not so easily. That was impressive. They go from needing 2 OTs in game 7 to winning the next series in 5.

    Feels lile 94 all over again.

    Also, I'm usually a day late & a dollar short on things, but this takes the cake--I only recently discovered that Brodeur and I were born on the same day, May 6, 1972. I was thinking, "Man, Brodeur has been around a long time" and wondering how old he was so I looked it up.
    Not for you, you are going for Lombardi/Lord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nj2socaljetsfan View Post
    Nothing like beating those dirty players. Dont know if anybody was at any of the home games but I went to both and the flyers fans were yelling at the women in our section wishing they had breast cancer and one 40 year old was trying to fight a 14 year old. The lowest level of hell is deserved for these people. LETS GO DEVILS!
    Philly fans are disgusting despicable scumbags. Worst people on earth root for Philadelphia sports teams.

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    IMO, the most impressive thing is how the Devils went from getting dominated territorially in game 1, which made it look like they were going to get swept,to turning the tables and dominating the Flyers. What an excellent disciplined effort on their part.


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