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Thread: We did not need a 3 4 olb

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    We did not need a 3 4 olb

    Am curious why so many thought we would select a stand up 3 r outside backer. Don't we have pace and thomas and haven't we found a pass rushing specialist in Maybin? Where exactly would we play such a player? We were much better off selecting a DE, which has been a big need. The myth on this board is that Rex's ends Ned to only hold blockers and not get to the qb. That is BS. I agree that Rex's des do not get 15 + sacks but they absolutely have to get to the qb consistently. They have to play like Ellis did versus the Pats. Devito was not that guy. Couples and wilkerson can be. despite the Wilkerson pick, DE was as big of a need as any.

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    on those third downs...

    pace -- Coples -- MO -- Maybin


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    [QUOTE=JV51;4451184]on those third downs...

    pace -- Coples -- MO -- Maybin


    Mo - Coples - Ellis - Maybin


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