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    OUR Ny Jets

    Something I just realized is that almost all of our players are our own homegrown talent. If you look at our roster, it's mostly players WE drafted. Seems like the Rangers, Mets, and Jets are finally doing things differently. (Queue the Mets/Rangers are losers schtick) Hopefully we start seeing some better (ehem, championships) results sooner rather than later. Forget going into the "dark ages" for a while, rejoice that our team is finally OUR team again, and get ready for some of the best damn Jets football we've ever seen!

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    not that big a deal in the NFL, actually...

    there are few if any trades and some free agents but just about all NFL teams have rosters based on their draft choices and UDFAs...

    and Holmes, Landry, Tebow, Tomlinson, Folk, Scott, Dixon, Leonhard (if we resign him) and a bunch of other Jets aren't exactly homegrown

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    Yeah I get that, but look at where all of our elite talent came from. No longer are we purely dependent on signing FA's to have talent on the roster.


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