One of the quickest ways to increase the discipline and more important the accountability of the players to let them know that the best players are gonna play!

Going into previous seasons we have been set almost across the board with the exception of a small eric smith/pool safety battle and the extremely poor hunter/ducasse and slauson/ducasse "competitions"....this year we have an opportunity to change that and set a tone in Training Camp.

RB: Open competition between McKnight and Greene for the starters job and Gannaway and Powell for the 3rd job, and potentially a roster spot.

RT: Hunter/Ducasse/Caleb S. - This is a poor group, but hopefully it will make Hunter improve I don't see Ducasse winning this spot.

WR: How many will we keep? If its 5, Turner, Chaz, and Jordan White have to battle for the last spot.

Safety: Revis, Cro, Wilson, and Landry all make the team, but who else is in the rotation. I hope we bring back Leonhard, but make him beat out Antonio Allen (I think he definitely makes the team), Josh Bush, Strickland, and whoever else.

ILB: Bart is on his last legs, literally and figuratively and Bellore has some upside. More importantly, although he lacks big time college experience, Demario Davis has the speed that we desperately need on the field on early downs. This is more of a team motivation tactic IMO, but Rex should make it very clear that the best player in TC wins the starting ILB spot here....make a statement and see if it can eek out 1 more season of top production from Bart or get a young guy to step up.

DE: This is the most important spot that Rex can create competition. Yes we will have multiple formations and yes all the guys will play, but if there was any player that needed a tough, summer competition vs a hard worker like Devito, its Coples. Handing him a starting job would be a HUGE mistake IMO. We know our future lies in Wilkerson and Coples on the ends, but that doesn't have to be the case in 2012 and make Coples earn it vs one of the most respected veterans on the team.