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  • A - Super Bowl Bound

    6 11.54%
  • B - AFC Championship Bound

    10 19.23%
  • C - Fighting for wildcard spot in playoffs

    31 59.62%
  • D - Repeat of past season

    5 9.62%
  • F - Fire Tanny, Rex, and give Woodie a Wedgie

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Thread: Jets Offseason Grade Poll

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    Jets Offseason Grade Poll

    Simple question: with FA and the draft basically complete, what do you think of the job the Jets have done to improve the team.

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    Right now - C or C+.

    They get a starting RT, some more secondary help - B

    They get a starting RT, some secondary help and a Punter - B+

    BTW in your poll, C and D are the same thing.

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    C. They didn't do anything special in the draft and had plenty of holes to fill.

    Average job.

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    Gave them a D-
    Can't stand the Tebow trade. No right tackle pick up and Jets are not in a position to take a chance on a 1st rounder like Coples, should have taken Ingram or Chanlder Jones. I really liked Jones and of course he gets picked by the devil .

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    The way our division is with the Pats dominating like they always do, we're pretty much always going to be fighting for a wildcard spot. That said, who knows, eh? Any given sunday. It'd be great to see us as the AFC Beast champions.

    Still, we've got months to go before we can really evaluate our offseason. That being said, however, I'm really excited for the coming months.

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    If they didn't trade for Tebow: B+

    Tebow trade marred a pretty good draft. :mad:

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    A - they fired Schoddy.

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    Still need RT and Safety help, I'd like to see more done with special teams as well.

    The good news is that the offseason isn't over though. Still some work that we can do.

    But if we went into the season this year like this, I see more of a playoff contender then a Super Bowl contender. Every team has a couple flaws, we were basically on the verge of the playoffs last year with a much more flawed team (No explosiveness on either side of the ball, that hopefully our draft will help address).

    Basically, conclusion would be we're better, but there's still work to be done.

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    [QUOTE=freestater;4453304]A - they fired Schoddy.[/QUOTE]

    Hired Sparano C+

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    Unless they come out of the gate firing on all cylinders it will be a repeat of last season.

    Key will be Sanchez and his protection. They always have a decent defense and with Rex that shouldn't be a problem against most of the team offenses they face.

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    1. Fired schotty
    2. Tebow ... Impact
    3. Landry ... Impact
    4. Q Train Coples ... Impact
    5. Thrill Hill ... Instant speed upgrade at wr .... May have found our no. 1 WR.
    6. Lots of prospects from the daft.

    If they let Santonio walk I'd have given them an A.

    Hunter is still an issue.

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    Any vote other than C or D seems overly optimistic at this point. I think we've improved a bit, mainly with the additions of Tebow and Stephen Hill so I voted C.

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    A- from me

    1 - I like the Tebow trades (can use him like Florida did when they won the BCCS)
    2 - Bye Shotty
    3- Hello Coples and Hill

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    ... B- ...

    ... still need to improve RT ...

    ... not a fan of the tebow move ... but trying to glass 1/2 full it ...

    ... everything else in the salary cap era i'm very happy with ...

    ... the pick up a RT cut from another team before the season and i'll move it up a letter ...


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    Solid B. talent all around and they trust their coaches to develop some of the projects.

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    great midwest -well not so great

    If they didn't trade for Tebow: B+

    Tebow trade marred a pretty good draft. :mad:[/QUOTE]

    right will be a clown car type of media circus if the team loses two in a row....

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    d- sanchez starting and finishing

    c- tebow starting and finishing

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    Positives: Stephen Hill, so excited about this kid. I like the Landry pick up. Getting rid of Schottenheimer is huge.

    Negatives: Would've liked to have dumped Santonio, I don't trust him, but I know it really couldn't be done. Coples is a risky pick, huge bust potential according to a lot of people, I think we should have taken Decastro. I didn't like the trade for Tebow.

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    1.) Fired Schotty
    2.) Great Draft. I am in love with Coples. When I was listening to the draft, I was surprised to hear his name called with Ingram still there. However, after actually watching videos of him, experts (not espn or nfln 'experts') breaking down tape and showing where he needs to improve and what he does well already, he is going to be the steal of the draft.
    There are a couple things technique wise he has to learn (as do most rookie DE's) but he could turn into a monster for us. He definetley looks like JPP!
    I like Stephen Hill too, 6'4 and fast as lightning.
    And we also filled some holes later in the draft Davis, Allen and the other Safety
    3.)Not too sure aboot Tebow, don't like the move but we'll see what happens.
    4.) Tone and Sanchez working out w/ keller in the offseason was amazing to hear.
    5.) Karl Dunbar-hired!! Excited about him, maybe we will see more 4-3 fronts from Rex after the Gints were suscessful against the Pats

    Only thing keeping it from an A is Tebow and Sporano. Not too sure about either but hopefully will pan out. No mention of RT becuase we could still pick up a cap casualty to compete with Hunter and Vlad.


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