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Thread: Excited to see how they use Coples & Maybin

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    Excited to see how they use Coples & Maybin

    Yes I will be the first to admit I wanted an OLB at #16. However I also realize that Maybin was a 23 yr old last year, equivillant to a senior coming out of college still wet behind the ears and still got 6 sacks (in 13 games). Lets just throw out his 2 years with the Bills and make believe it didn't happen. This year with 1 year under his belt and with Quinton Coples pushing the pocket as Rex envisions I am wondering if Maybin will line up on the same side as him. Coples and Maybin coming at you?? Not an easy assignment. Or maybe as bookends on a four man front?? who knows but I am excited..

    I needed a little reminder of what Maybin did last year on a limited basis:


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    Jets are going to be able to generate a pass rush with 4 guys this season.

    Coples is going to be a problem for offensive lines. When you push the pocket up the middle, the edges open up because the guards and tackles have to play inside. Offenses are either going to have to keep the TEs in, RBs in or have to worry about free rushers coming towards the QB.

    That's what Coples does. Oh yeah, and he can rush from the edge as well. He's the effector in the defenses that makes other people around him better. Like Clowney is with Ingram in South Carolina, for all those who quoted this reference in the last couple of days.

    successful 4/5 man rush, and 6 dropped back?

    Long day for QBs.


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