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Thread: Bf said this gown looks slutty on me!!

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    Next week, I have to attend a friend's wedding. I was thinking about just wearing this evening gown to the wedding. The wedding starts at 4pm for the ceremony and reception will shortly follow at about 6 - 7pm. I told my bf about it, but he said it looks slutty on me for this gown is designed for evening party not a wedding. I never really thought about these before, so I need advice. What do you guys think? Is it rude/inconsiderate to wear this gown to a wedding? Does this look slutty on me?

    Yes it does you inconsiderate whore.

    Is your boyfriend Mel Gibson?

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    How would you like to be the tattoo artist when she walks in for that. I think I would involuntarily blurt out "I'm sorry, we're closed". And why does it look so small?

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    I'm pretty sure you'd look slutty wrapped head to toe in a camping tarp.


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