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Thread: Would the Jets have traded for Tebow is Haley had signed on?

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    Would the Jets have traded for Tebow is Haley had signed on?

    I been thinking about the off-season and I really believe the Jets thought they were going to get Sparano and Haley. Sparano would coach the running game,a little touch of wildcat and the o-line. Haley the quarterback and passing game. Sparano was on board first and the Jets front office thought Haley would follow,but he didnt . Sparano was already named as OC ,and the Jets realize they have named a limited offense mind as their replacement as OC. With the sudden availability of Tebow it allowed the Jets to give Sparano at least a comfortable weapon to work with. As Jets fans we have to remember the Fins offence the last few games,One the Ted Ginn game,I can never remember being fearful of the fins on offense under Sparano. These are just an opinion

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    Yes, ultimately it was Woody Johnson's call and, obviously, he has final say

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    I disagree. While they were likely interested originally in pairing Sparano and Haley (if reports of the two coaches wanting to work together were true), this was old news by the time they officially named Sparano offensive coordinator. I don't believe for a second that they were still expecting Haley to jump on board after that.

    If they HAD both been hired as co-offensive coordinators? Who knows if they would've traded for Tebow or not. I'm sure they would've still discussed it, and unless Haley somehow persuaded Rex/Tanny not to do it, it probably would've happened. The Tebow trade wasn't an attempt to cover up their insecurities with having hired only Sparano. That's a pretty wild theory.


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