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Thread: Thoughts on Fantasy Baseball Trade

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    Thoughts on Fantasy Baseball Trade

    Hey all, thoughts on the below trade? Winner, Loser, comments?

    Team One Gets:

    Jered Weaver
    Andrew McCutchen
    Sergio Santos

    Team Two Gets:

    Giancarlo Stanton
    Desmond Jennings
    Martin Prado
    Brandon Beachy

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    I think Team 2 gets the best of the deal. I really think Jennings and McCutchen are pretty much a wash. I bet they end up with similar numbers at the end. Weaver is better than Beachy but both set to come down a bit -- ERAs in mid the 1s right now. But Stanton and Prado >>> than Santos, who may or may not be the closer when he comes back (or healthy). Definitely Team 2 gets the best deal in my eyes.

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