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Thread: Rob Ryan's Van - Funny

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    Rob Ryan's Van - Funny

    Rex's brother is rollin' around town in a serial killer van!!


    When your official title with the Dallas Cowboys is defensive coordinator, chances are you drive a certain car brand. Lexus , Mercedes, BMW ... these are just a few you'd expect Rob Ryan to drive on a daily basis. But knowing Ryan's unique style, it should come as a surprise that he drives a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle: a 1999 Ford Conversion Econoline van. has all the details, after the site spent a couple minutes with Ryan and his van.

    "It's been a good car for us," Ryan said. "My wife drives a fleet of Mercedes, but this is my vehicle of choice, and it gets me where I need to be."

    The van, while still running, could use some serious work (it appears to be rusting in a number of spots). Empty Gatorade bottles and a Pringles chip can are visible in the center console, as well as other trash that's accumulated over the years. But as Ryan noted, the van gets him from point A to point B, and that's all that really matters.

    "The inside right now ... it's a very plush vehicle. Unfortunately the children have been in there, and or me. It's gotta few a stains in there probably. It's pleather in there; it's outstanding stuff, durable, and it's got a fold-out back, and a couple of VCR TV's that don't work. But it works and it's been a good c

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    He's really into the whole homeless thing isn't he?


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