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Thread: Who will have the better statistical year?

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    [QUOTE=DDNYjets;4466812]Anybody who criticizes Sanchez is a doosh. We are lucky to have him.

    Its not his fault Schotty called bad plays that made him throw a lot of INTs.

    The only reason why he holds onto the ball for so long is b.c he is trying to give the WRs a chance to get open. He wants his teammates to do well.[/QUOTE]

    agreed.. the jets have been to the AFCCG two out of three years.. anyone who thinks that had anything to do with our QB is a blind sanchez homer..

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    [QUOTE=PatsFanTX;4466794]Yes, but the Jets still need a JAG RT, right now, they don't even have one on their roster.[/QUOTE]

    Agreed, after what I saw last year from the rt position, a pickup from some team with cap problems or roster cuts would likely be an upgrade. Luckily rt is not a skill position so shouldn't be too difficult to fill

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    [QUOTE=Dcat;4466760]No. You missed something called "life".[/QUOTE]

    That's pretty funny.

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    [QUOTE=ucrenegade;4466818]schotty made him throw int's lol what is sanchez's next i guess audibles were banned during gametime...........:rolleyes:

    he holds onto the ball because he wants his teammates to do can't make this up lol[/QUOTE]

    Ova yo headz.

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    [QUOTE=bcess;4466475]Sanchez, Luck or RG3?

    Granted the jets will probably run it into the ground and lose snaps to Tebow but Sanchez should have his chances to go deep[/QUOTE]

    Sanchez numbers from last season will be better than what luck or RG3 do this season. Neither of them will produce 33 TDs on those horrible offenses. RG3 is going to struggle against Philly, Giants and Dallas twice a year and the Colts are just atrocious.

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    [QUOTE=Mark TJ Sanchez;4466499]RGIII. The redskins appear to know how to take care of their franchise quarterback, gave him some decent weapons. Also drafted kirk cousins who will have a very successful career as well. He will push RGIII in a way similar to sanch, tebow situation. However they wont be calling for RGIIIs head when he makes a mistake the way nyj fans will with the sanchize.[/QUOTE]

    What weapons do you speak of? Last I checked they had no even semi decent wide receivers or running back.

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    [QUOTE=bcess;4466475]Sanchez, Luck or RG3?[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=Gastineau99;4466991]Sanchez numbers from last season will be better than what luck or RG3 do this season. Neither of them will produce 33 TDs on those horrible offenses. RG3 is going to struggle against Philly, Giants and Dallas twice a year and the Colts are just atrocious.[/QUOTE]

    I agree about Luck and RG3. I hope Sanchez survives the entire year as the starter but I have a badd feeling Tebow ends up as the Jets' starting QB the end of next season.

    [B]Don't be shocked if both Vince Young and Tim Tebow end up getting starting QB jobs on their respective teams next seaosn.[/B]

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    NOT Sanchez.

    Jets are not a team that ever really relies heavily on passing and QB stats.
    He will be average.

    All I care about is team success.

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    [QUOTE=OCCH;4466700]In regards to Luck and RGIII, one is on a completely rebuilding team, and the other is on a completely dysfunctional team. Perhaps both change that, but objectively you can't think they're gonna come out guns ablazin'.

    But that has nothing to do with Sanchez. If you think he's "peaked" then there's probably no convincing you otherwise. I'd just ask is that your opinion of EVERY QB? That their 1st three years in the league are all you need to know about how successful their career will be? Did you feel that way about Eli? Brees? Is Freeman pretty much done in TB?

    What about Schotty? Is it at least POSSIBLE that a change in system could benefit Sanchez? Could Hill/Kerley stop the revolving door at WR he's had to deal with his whole career? How about a full training camp where he isn't coming in as a rookie or off an injury? He hasn't had one of those yet, right?

    I don't know what the future holds -- he certainly isn't doing the best Brady/Manning/Rodgers impersonation so far. But to already "know he's done"? I just don't see it.

    The glass is what the glass is -- whether you see it half-empty or half-full is completely up to the observer . . .[/QUOTE]

    I really do not agree with anything you've said here, but I agree with you on the final goal.

    Lets fix as many of these distractions/excuses that Sanchez apologists hold on to. That way we've set the record straight and we can give one last ditch attempt to make him evolve into a franchise QB.

    Either way, I think the jury will deliver it's final verdict on Sanchez this season. He's going into his 4th season as the starter and he's had more than enough exposure for him to develop whether you think he came out early or not.


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