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Thread: What Mark Sanchez must do to keep New York Jets' starting job

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    [QUOTE=TheMo;4473264]Yes 26th in yards per attempt, 15th in sacks allowed, 29th in kick off return average, 24th in punt returns, 13th ranked in rushing D (111 yards a game, 4yards a carry)... yes that is all top ten for the past season... :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    Not exactly close to Top 10 in 2011, but not exactly what you are stating either.

    [URL=""]5th rated defense for Total Yards allowed per game.[/URL]

    [URL=""]4th for kickoff return average[/URL]

    [URL=""]18th for punt return average[/URL]

    [URL=""]20th in Sacks allowed[/URL]

    [URL=""]11th in QB hits allowed[/URL]

    Hopefully everything will be perfect this year so Sanchez can get over the hump. :rolleyes:

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    [QUOTE=jxc;4473232]He's better [I]because of his body of work.[/I] You don't have to pick and choose highlights or quotes on him. In every down, every game, every offseason encounter he exudes leadership. He's not eating a hotdog on the sideline one game, wiping boogers the next, making the "worst play in the history of football" one game, then sulking the entire next game, or dating teenagers during the offseason. Everyone argues about whether Tim Tebow is a quarterback or not, no one argues about his leadership ability.

    You mean Tebow's "body of work" is based on your personality read as a fan?

    Players already walk off the field and snap at reporters, "Yes, I like Tim Tebow," as they keep on walking ...

    Good chance they'll be sick of him by September.

    His highfalutin legal assault on a harmless t-shirt company isn't a great start.


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