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Thread: #Jets agreed to terms with former Dolphins S Yeremiah Bell, per Pro Football Talk.

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    [QUOTE=Tackleem;4473843]My prediction? Landry and Bell are nominal "starters" at best. We're actually going to see the top five safeties split snaps roughly evenly, with Bell and Bush (hunch) seeing slightly more snaps than Landry, Allen, and Smith -- but only *slightly* more.

    This is going to be the most rotated group on the team, ahead of even d-line. Against run heavy set

    You'll see lots of standard nickel and lots of "big nickel" -- three safeties, including two SS/'Spur' types -- to stay flexible against two TE sets that can mask run/pass.[/QUOTE]
    If so, that puts a lot of the onus on the CS. They will need to be on the ball constantly with all of our defensive substitutions.

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    [QUOTE=tzinc;4472425]this team lacks a COVER Safety

    wtf are the jets playing at here???????[/QUOTE]



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