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Thread: Weatherford: Sanchez Hasn't Devolped

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    Weatherford: Sanchez Hasn't Devolped

    Well its clear that Sanchez hasn't fully developed yet,who knows if he ever will,Weatherford watched Sanchez for a few years and had this to say.

    Giants punter Steve Weatherford was a member of the Jets when Mark Sanchez was first drafted by the team. He had a front row seat for Sanchez's first two seasons.

    Weatherford likes Sanchez. He wants him to succeed despite playing for the Jets' cross-stadium rivals. He just hasn't seen the development you'd liked to see.

    "I like Mark I think he's a very talented quarterback but from my standpoint I haven't seen a lot of maturation from the position," Weatherford said on the Cover Two podcast Thursday. "When you're a quarterback and you come in and you're expected to be the face of the franchise and you're expected to lead the team that's a lot to take on as a rookie, but as the years go on I think you're expected to mature skill wise and also mature as a leader and to be honest with you, as much as I like the guy I just haven't seen that."

    Weatherford is just saying what most Jets fans and probably some folks inside the Jets building are thinking. Why bring in Tim Tebow otherwise?

    Sanchez was promising as a rookie quarterback, but he hasn't developed much since.

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    There's already a thread about this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoop24 View Post
    There's already a thread about this..
    Yep,at least 1 or 2 or etc......


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