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Thread: Taboo Tebow News

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    Quote Originally Posted by Down, Set, Haiku View Post
    It's why lurking here beats posting here by a mile. There's a small but HEAVILY annoying group of green colored glasses wearing, green Kool-Aid drinking, homer Jet fans who are quick to paint anyone who has something critical to say about the team or an individual Jet in a disparaging light. They'll disperse personal attacks like a young Jason Kidd but hide under the veil of "you're not a true Jet fan, you're just a troll" or use some childish moniker like SOJF or hater to deride those whose opinion or outlook may differ. And it's done in a manner that totally ignores the attacked person's reputation. As you said, L.Lady is no hater (her undying optimism can be borderline nauseating sometimes ), but the last thing that anyone with a logical thought process would call her is "hater," especially when the point she raises is a fair one.

    EVERY fan roots for their team in different ways. Mind numbing, ulcer inducing losses (of which the Jets have provided many) affects fans in different ways, just the same as winning does. However any fan who feels they MUST hold up the honor of the NYJ by telling others how to root for them simply needs to, well... get a f##king life.
    Great, great post. Wish those extremists (on both sides) didn't drive away people like yourself. It's definitely worse these days than it was a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limolady View Post
    Who is in charge of making all these PR moves? Tebow went backstage to a play, posed for pics with cast members and now wants pic off Twitter. If the team has a pic of him getting sacked at practice, will his lawyers issue a ceast and desist because it's not the image he wants to portray? We'll just have to see how this all plays out in camp.

    I do wish him luck in succeeding on the field.
    I don't think you're a hater, LimoLady..

    I don't recall a C & D order for the twitter pic, it was probably one of the gazillion people who want a picture of them being taken with the Tebe, and *his brother* (who is his PR guy) found out later probably it was making the rounds and asked that they not spread it.
    No one asked for the date storage device it is on, and no lawyers were involved, by all rights, they can do what they want with the picture..unlike the other *real* C & D order about the usage of NFL and JETS logo and false advertizing by insinuating the T shirts are "Tim Tebow NFL JETS T shirts".

    This whole fiasco regarding the backstage pics (I have pics of me and a lot of people who would probably ask me to pull them down if I posted them, I would ask first, and I have.) really points out why nepotism is a bad thing, I have worked for family before, and with them, and had them work for me..and it is never the same as if they are just a citizen.

    The other pics were college days..*before* his *brother* started *helping* his image..cough cough..

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