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Thread: Would You be Interested in a Jordy vs Ray Ray Post Off Thread?

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    Would You be Interested in a Jordy vs Ray Ray Post Off Thread?

    Thoughts? I think it might be worth it and pretty entertaining to boot.

    Only rule is no other posters interject and no lock/dumps.

    Poll coming.

    FWIW, I'm not calling anyone out or attacking anyone nor is this intended to turn into a personal attack party...but i notice they have a healthy feud and I think this might be a good idea.
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    Good god no.

    Its hysterical/sad that these two can't simply agree to disagree instead of wrecking every thread with their bickering.
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    Would be funny if it would work so they are the only two that are allowed to post in it.

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    call out posters in a thread again and I will ban you


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