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Thread: New Story: A Guide to Handling Tebowmania

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    Post New Story: A Guide to Handling Tebowmania

    Florham Park, N.J. - Let's face it, many of you are already sick of the all-Tebow everything extravaganza. You're also probably sick and tired of the sensationalism that has taken over sports media in general, specifically the New York sports media. As with any disappointing truth, the best way to make peace with it is by simply accepting the reality of the situation. Tim Tebow and the New York media were made for each other, they are a perfect match. A relationship that is exactly what both sides need to reach their intended goal. Tebow wants to spread his faith...


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    And another thread. Dump. Ban. lock.

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    light-years ahead
    It's longer and more rambling than a RayRay19 post.

    But still not as painful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by escamoter2 View Post
    And another thread. Dump. Ban. lock.
    I'd agree but it's hopeless... with JI now jumping on the teblow media bandwagon (even though there are only a couple of zealots on the whole board).

    Maybe it's better to attract them to certain threads so they stop hijacking all the others.

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    Whatever happened to just ignoring things you don't want to see or read? Why do people feel like they are being force-fed all the hype? You're not robots people. Just change the channel.

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    "The editors and reporters just want hits/page views/sales/attention (good or bad, it doesn’t matter). And of course you already know that although Tebow and the New York media may be a perfect fit for each other, it is you, the disgruntled fan that suffers."

    Pure Media-moron stupidity that is!

    All any 'disgruntled fan' has to do to stop this parade is right there in their own hands.
    Don't buy any paper or magazine with ANY TEBOW stuff in it.
    Don't open ANY WEB SITE that has ANY TEBOW stuff on it.

    If you're to stupid-sorry-lazy to do that, then kindly STFU about how much media attention Tebow gets.

    As to the idiot-commentator comments on Tebow as a QB:
    He is 9-7 as a starter with a playoff win, he averages 6.4 yds/play and he has a 2 to 1 TD to Turnover ratio (29 TD's to 15 T-O's).
    Tebow is a much better winning NFL QB that this moron is as a 'talent' evaluator.
    Take your head out of that warm dark place and you might actually be able to 'see' a bit more clearly.

    My opinion has nothing to do with Mark Sanchez as an NFL QB.
    IF Tebow doesn't end up as the starting QB for the Jets, then he'll eventually be a starter for another team somewhere down the road.
    And either of those things works out well for the Jets imoho.

    This guy is also a factual idiot of the worst sort:

    "Tebow can’t win this battle on the practice field, for the same reasons he was reportedly the fourth-best quarterback during Broncos camp last year (behind Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Adam Weber)."

    The Bronco coaches denied that idiot media report from their 'unnamed' source inside the team. A coach laughed and said maybe the guy had interviewed the camp cooks.

    2011 Preseason PER's:
    Weber dumped.
    Brady Quinn 69 PER
    Kyle Orton 104 PER
    Tim Tebow 108 PER >>> plus 5.4 YPC

    Orton in 2010/11 went 3-10 + 1-4 = 4-14
    Tebow in 2010/11 'cold off the bench' went 1-2 + 8-5 = 9-7

    "All offseason we heard about how much work Tebow put into fixing his mechanics, but I saw the same awkward and slow throwing motion he has always had."

    Sanchez first 16 starts = 12 TD's to 20 Ints given every starter advantage.
    Tebow's 2010/11 split (lockout off season yielded 17 TD's to only 9 Ints.
    What are the Jet coaches telling Mark that he has to improve on? T-O Ratio I think?
    Which QB has the better arm?
    Reads the defense?
    Throws the ball where only his guy has a chance to catch it?
    Is it the 12/20 QB or the 17/9 QB?

    But this media TT hanger-on is not being hated on by me either, just giving moho on the bs that he writes, cause:
    "I give you the words of rapper Common, “If I don’t like it, I don’t like it, that don’t mean that I’m hating.”

    So feel free to carry on, since you're now a proven Tebowmaniac, (in the negative sense anyway).
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