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Thread: Gary Myers tweet on what Jets fans want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    The reporters are quite competent. A few of the readers, different story.

    SAR I
    No, the reporters are complete hacks, but you're right about some of the readers anyway...

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    And then there is the fact that Jets fans are never satisfied. Whenever I come here after a loss its like seeing a bunch of crybabies who feel like the team somehow owes them something. The fans and beat writers both are to blame for taking the fun away from the game. Everyone has an opinion, including the beat writers, except they get paid for theirs. Tell me the person who forced you to read their articles and I will hunt them down like dogs.

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    If you're not used to this by now, then you love to be miserable. It's always been this way, and I would assume it's at least a good portion of the reason many of you became Jet fans, to root for the oppressed mistreated Jets. Btw I want both the QB and the option QB to play well

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    At some point, you have to embrace the horror... it is what it is.... definitely adds a level of responsibility to players and the organization in terms to how they handle the press from a TEAM perspective...

    As a Fan, I welcome more coverage... facts, insights, perspectives are great... I think you have to understand in today's media environment there is a level of Tabloid journalism... it is somewhat unfortunate, but what it boils down to is the almight $

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    Jet fans really want you to hang it up, Gary.

    What are the chances that you'll listen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    technically this 98 pound weekling rug wearing turd is not a Jet beat writer for the News. He's a "football reporter" that is supposed to cover both NY teams and other football stories. Mehta is the Jets beat writer.

    Gary Moron's role is similar to that of Steve Stupid at the Post with Costello as the beat writer covering the Jets
    didn't know he wears a rug...that's the most interesting thing about this a$$wipe. It's certainly not his football acumen.

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