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Thread: Pettine Discussing The Defense

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    [QUOTE=JetOrange;4480272]Couple of things I got out of the interview:
    1. Ellis Lankster is the 4th CB, but open competion for other spots.
    2. Believe in Ricky Sapp
    3. More 4-3 but committed to Multi Fronts
    4. Emphasis on speed and covering more ground as offenses spread out, Bart Kendric Ellis & Maybin current players that have shown better movement skills, Demario Thomas in the draft.
    5. 3rd down pass rush, Wilkerson and Coples inside, Maybin & Pace outside.
    6. Jets will have a lot of 3 safety looks and a 3 safety rotation, Bush seems to have the edge picking up the system of all the new guys.
    7. With all this talk of Bear Fronts, Pettin doesn't seem enthusiastic, we have it we use it. Talks about Dunbar getting the defensive lineman to another level as a group.
    8. Likes the work of veteran CB's , Revis , Wilson & Cromartie
    9. Defense seems to like what the offense is doing, lot of love for Sparano.[/QUOTE]
    Good synopsis and very encouraging. This good work on D (including draft and offseason pickups) got me stoked!! :D

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    [QUOTE=KRL;4480166]My feeling is this, Thomas was given a "gold watch" contract for his years
    of service. If he's not totally healthy and quick he easily could be gone.
    There are too many LB's with speed on the roster this year to keep someone
    who is slow[/QUOTE]

    I think he's in there for run stopping purposes mainly and also when the Jets want to go to more 4 man fronts. We don't have those traditional DE's for a 4 man front aside from Coples or Big Mo. Maybin and Pace sure but Maybin is WAY too small to be there in possible run downs. Bryan adds depth incase someone goes down you can throw him in there at that traditional DE spot. He seals the edge on run plays as good as anybody in the league.


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