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Thread: Gov. Walker could win Wisconsin's recall election

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    Gov. Walker could win Wisconsin's recall election

    The implications of this could be a sign of the absolute beatdown Moonbat Messiah will take in November. A Walker Win Could Tip Swing State Wisconsin to Romney. The Dems threw everything they could at Walker, including the kitchen sink:

    WASHINGTON, May 29, 2012 ó In one week, on Tuesday, June 5, Wisconsin voters go to the polls to decide if Republican Gov. Scott Walker will stay or be recalled. Once it looked like his goose was cooked.

    Angered when Walker eliminated most collective-bargaining rights for public employees to balance Wisconsinís budget, 100,000 protestors took to the street for weeks. The battle pitted neighbors and families against one another, making Wisconsin one of the most polarized states in the country, and finally culminated in the petition drive to dump the Governor.

    500,000 signatures were required to force a recall election and the petitioners had nearly a million. Government employees, fire fighters, teachers, farmers, and union employees rejoiced. The recall election was theirs to win. Or so they thought.

    But now a week out, the polls and money raised tell a different story. And if the Democratic Party doesnít do something soon with a big infusion of money to get ads on television and to turn out the vote, Gov. Walker will be sitting pretty.

    Which Way Will Bellwether Wisconsin Go?

    True, Wisconsin has a history of being progressive even when Republicans are in charge thanks to politicians like Fighting Bob La Follette, the Republican governor and senator in the last century. But then there were the years of Republican Senator Joe McCarthy who in the 1950s was the conservative stalker of all things Commie.

    So Wisconsin has a chance to once again decide which path to follow, small government conservatism or populist progressivism.

    Most of the polls have shown Gov. Walker leading Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by six or seven points. The latest poll done at the request of the Democratic Governorís Association shows Walkerís lead down to only 3 points, but there is only a week left to whittle that number down further and give Barrett the edge. Is that possible at this late date?

    Then there is the issue of money. It just hasnít been there for Barrett while Walker has seen an inoculation of $25 million come in from out of state, a lot from the Koch brothers. Talk about a shot in the arm. Thatís life support for any candidate who needs to buy airtime. And Walker and the Republicans have already spent $7 million on TV since late March, outspending Barrett by 3 to 1.

    Walkerís TV ads have burnished his image and tarnished that of his opponent. Thatís what campaign ads do and it has been working successfully for weeks now. No doubt about it, money buys momentum.

    Barrett has raised about $1 million and finally the Democratic National Committee is getting out fundraising letters for Democrats to send contributions directly to Barrett. Is it too little too late?

    The bigger question is, where has the Democratic Party been? Democrats seem to have fallen asleep at the switch, not realizing that Wisconsin could be a harbinger of the November election. Perhaps the leaders havenít understood the significance of this race and how it is tied to their own political fortunes and whether President Obama can win Wisconsin again. Can they be that naÔve or is it arrogance?

    Whatever the reason, no matter how good Barrettís ground game is, if your opponent is defining you on TV with his ads, often with bogus claims, you are facing an uphill battle.

    So if Barrett loses and Walker is still sitting in the governorís mansion on June 6, what that would mean for Democrats and President Obama?

    The ripple effect down ticket could have severe consequences come November. Remember, this is Republican Congressman Paul Ryanís state, he of the famous or infamous, depending on your perspective, Path to Prosperity, aka the Paul Ryan Budget. There are huge pockets of conservatism in Wisconsin, just waiting for a Walker win and giving them the energy to elect their other candidates.

    Remember only two years ago, Walker and his Republican cohorts swept into office, taking ďthe governorís mansion, both chambers of the state legislature, a Senate seat and two House seats.Ē

    With Democratic Senator Herb Kohl retiring, the Republicans smell blood in the water and think they just might nab that seat, made all the easier if Walker wins on Tuesday.

    Then thereís the Presidential race to worry about. President Obama took Wisconsin by 14 points in 2008, but much has changed since then and it wasnít necessarily the Change he was promising. Keep in mind that President Bush 43 came within one point of winning Wisconsin in 2000 and 2004. So Wisconsin is in play and a Walker win could be the tipping point.

    Democrats will be demoralized if Walker wins, not only in Wisconsin, but everywhere. Wisconsin is a bellwether state for Democrats. If Democrats canít beat Walker after their tremendous efforts of the past year, Democrats elsewhere will ask themselves, is it possible we donít have the Right Stuff?
    The unions will fold their tents and go home, saying, ďSee. Told you so. Democrats talk a good game, but when push comes to shove, they arenít there for the working guy.Ē If the Democrats turn their backs on the unions in Wisconsin, expect to see the unions turn their back on Democrats nationwide.

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    Walker will win by a landslide. The people see who the state employees really are a bunch of over paid bums!

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    This is a really important race. Scott Walkers reforms are needed in every state. They are inevitable.

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    Maybe the reason the Obamunist hard left is about to experience its Waterloo in Wisconsin is because no amount of union money can make people want to side with obnoxious communist thugs.


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