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Thread: Rasmussen: Romney now up in Ohio

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    [QUOTE=sackdance;4482880]As an American? Yes. As a voter? No.[/QUOTE]

    Well said...

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    It seems that POTUS is not an entry level job after all, and that politically correct parentage combined with a name like a terrorist is no substitute for experience.

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    [QUOTE=cr726;4481655]Romney is doing well because he is staying away from the media, but if he keeps Trump around and starts to give a lot of interviews watch out.[/QUOTE]

    Trump = Bad

    Jeremiah Wright = Good


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    [QUOTE=chiefst2000;4481692]Those of us that aren't morons are scratching our heads and wondering what these idiots could possible be thinking. [/QUOTE]

    Same thing I thought when the commies voted for an empty suited community agitator who has never held a real job in his life.....

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    [QUOTE=Frequent Flyer;4481211]Not just in Ohio, Rasmussen states, but also in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. In case you haven’t been keeping score, those are four states that Barack Obama won in 2008, and which Mitt Romney must take away to have a shot at the Presidency in November. According to the latest from Rasmussen, Romney’s on his way. [B]After just one month of focusing all his efforts on Obama[/B], Romney now has leads in all four swing states[/quote]

    Well, that's inaccurate. Romney's "inevitability" campaign had him focusing on Obama from the moment the primaries started.

    But good news nonetheless.

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    [QUOTE=detjetsfan;4481982]I disagree.

    Trump is an asset because 1) he is a real conservative 2) he isn't willing to back down from the media and 3) he actually has a real business record of creating jobs.

    [B]I love Mitt but if he's running as a jobs creator he is going to end up losing the election. All he did was strip Bain Capital and MA was ranked 47th in job growth during the 4 years he was governor.[/B]

    Let's see what the polls in November say just because he's statistically tied right now means nothing Kerry was tied with Bush two months before the 2004 election and Bush won in a landslide.

    To tell you the truth I think Trump would actually be Mitt's best running mate. Not Christie or Rubio. [B]Trump is an actual jobs creator[/B].[/QUOTE]

    You've been living in an echo chamber too long if you actually believe that.

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    [QUOTE=doggin94it;4500110]You've been living in an echo chamber too long if you actually believe that.[/QUOTE]

    Dude is the biggest liberal here posting as a conservative in jest...

    Just ignore him...

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    [QUOTE=chiefst2000;4481692]Yes because when I go to the polls to vote I'll be thinking about donald Trump and who won the last season of apprentice.

    Actually Romney is doing well because people are starting to realize who he is. The economy is back on the downward spiral. Alan Greenspan today on CNBC warned that the debt bubble Obama is fermenting is going to sink us soon. Obama has offered zero solutions but to blame the previous administration. No fixes, no solutions, just more spending. Only a progressive moron would ever conclude that the way out of a debt bubble is to spend more. Those of us that aren't morons are scratching our heads and wondering what these idiots could possible be thinking. The truth is they dont care. Most politicians dont give a ****. Barry is the king of not giving a crap.[/QUOTE]

    Not sure about the political side of this but Alan Greenspan?!! The same dude who said in 2005: "there is no housing bubble"?! Same dude who kept interest rates low for years leading to your humungous private debt issues (not to mention the public ones). He has less than zero credibility....Alan Greenspan is the very last person who should be commenting on debt. Kim Kardashian has more of an idea on the topic.


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