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Thread: Black Country Communion, Deep Zepplin Garden?

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    Black Country Communion, Deep Zepplin Garden?

    Never heard of these dudes, somewhat new band apparently, rocking a VERY Classic Rock Deep Purple/Led Zepplin fronted by Chris Cornell vibe.

    Figured with all the Fans of that style, I had to share it, see what yall thought.




    Edit: ****, now I know why they sounds that way and so good.

    From wikipedia:

    [QUOTE]Black Country Communion is an English-American rock supergroup formed by lead vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), drummer and percussionist Jason Bonham, keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), and guitarist and vocalist Joe Bonamassa (solo).[/QUOTE]

    Well, that makes sense then.:cool:

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    a lot of us have talked about them in other music threads. They are excellent.


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