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Thread: Jon Corzine Still Bundling for Obama

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    Jon Corzine Still Bundling for Obama

    I think it's hilarious every time some moonbat declares there is no bias from the piss stream media, yet they ran with the Bain Capital non-story Romney hit piece, and say nary a word about this:

    Corzine, according to the Obama campaign, has once again helped raise more than $500,000.

    (He was likewise named a bundler in January, when the Obama campaign last released the names of their money men.)

    "MF Global and its brokerage sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a $6.3 billion bet on the bonds of some of Europe’s most indebted nations prompted regulator concerns and a credit rating downgrade. Corzine quit MF Global Nov. 4," Bloomberg reported.

    As ABC reported, "President Obama once hailed [Corzine] as an 'honorable man' and one of his 'best partners' in the White House." Since that time, Obama has tried to distance himself from Corzine, who at one point was considered for the treasury secretary slot.



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    Obuttocks gave Corzine a choice: raise money for him, or stand trial, and be Madoff's roommate. Easy choice, really.

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    What's the problem? It's not like Corzine is the ONLY criminal and thug working for Obama.

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    Pot, Kettle...




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