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Thread: Anybody seen the new Sportscenter anchor?!

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    [QUOTE=JStokes;4485659]Serious question.

    What the F*CK is a Hoya?


    A rock. No joke

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    [QUOTE=poppapump;4485724]A rock. No joke[/QUOTE]

    Yes you do.

    You gotta be.


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    [QUOTE=JStokes;4485727]Yes you do.

    You gotta be.


    My wife also went there (for law school) and I looked it up one time....too lazy to do so again, but he's basically correct. Some latin or greek derivation, me thinks.

    And funny enough, just like JT's wife, while being extremely intelligent in most walks of life, can be exceedingly dumb on occasion. She ain't blonde though.

    We had a thread on "Dumb things your wife/gf did" a long whiles back. Can anyone find it?

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    [QUOTE=JStokes;4485661]I thought she had bolt-ons. They look great.



    [QUOTE=JStokses]Manhattan plastic surgeon [URL=""]Dr. David Shafer[/URL] says, “From the photos, it looks like [B]she has had moderated, sized implants[/B] – not that there is anything wrong with that. She looks great.”[/QUOTE]

    Guess who moderated and sized them?

    You're looking at him. :yes:

    No. :( I wish


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