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Thread: Comedy Bang Bang 10PM on IFC

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    Comedy Bang Bang 10PM on IFC

    Anyone else looking forward to the TV version of Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang Bang podcast that premieres tonight on IFC @ 10PM EST


    IFC has quite a few clips up on their site


    For those unfamiliar with Comedy Bang Bang or Aukerman, he was a cast member of HBO's Mr. Show, hosts one of the longest running comedy podcasts "Comedy Bang Bang" (formerly known as Comedy Death Ray) and is one of the creative minds behind Funny or Die's "Between To Ferns" with Zach Galifianakas.

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    Sort of but I'm already sick of Reggie Watts. Guy is talented but that act got old fast. Kinda annoying. Maybe its the hipster thing.

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    Never heard of it but I recognized every actor on the trailer, even Robert Picardo. What movie did he play 'the cowboy' in..... anyone


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