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Thread: looks like 2 Jets in the top 20 of the NFL's top 100

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    [QUOTE=FijiJet;4491182]I thought it was top 100 of 2012 based on their 2011 performance.

    Then how come Peyton is on the list even though he missed all of 2011, (at #50 no less) ; and Jahri Evans (no slouch at all) makes the list but not Mangold?

    It's patently preposterous.

    If Mangold is not on the list, but Manning's on it then the list is $hit. You might as well have Jerry Rice, LT and Deacon Jones on it...[/QUOTE]

    yeah manning says it all. he is a top 5 player, but with an injury year he is #50. and a lot was said about his value because without him the colts went from a playoff team to worst in the league. without that he would have been even lower on the list or not on it at all.
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    Guys, the list is just light on offensive lineman in general. If positions were weighted equally he'd obviously make it.

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    Revis is waiting to see if he makes the top 5 before he decides to hold out of training camp.

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    [QUOTE=rick34125;4492986]Revis is waiting to see if he makes the top 5 before he decides to hold out of training camp.[/QUOTE]

    I think he will be #4 behind Brees, Brady, and Rodgers

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    Revis is coming up tomorrow night, in the 11-20 range. They've been showing him too much to not have him on this week, plus the Stevie Johnson game in November still lingers in many minds.


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