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Thread: Blogger's Mini Camp Day Three Observations

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    [QUOTE=ucrenegade;4494705]david was also said to not have been able to beat goliath.............Maybe GOD designed him like this to prove to the world that all things are possible with GOD even the non-conventional.

    This is why I like him as a person but why I like him as a QB is I would not bet against GOD and his fire for the game is real and you know it is about more than a paychk and stardom from him he is real and legit.

    Like some said we have [B]rapist, murders[/B], convicts, adulters on the team and the guy people do not like is the one with actual decency and virtues shame what our society has become and takes as normal.

    People would see how passionate this guy is if they would just sit back and stop getting so defensive every time his name is even mentioned or how the media is on his jock which I might add is no fault of his own. He does not call up the media and tell them where he will be every day that is their job to know.

    If he is such a bad QB then Mark does not have to worry right? Bottom line I think he is a better QB than mark and you don't well only the future will tell us.

    Oh yeah I am a jets fan and always will be so IF tebow gets traded I will still support from afar but you will still see my name here calling for mcelroy or another QB to start over sanchez unless he does a complete 180 which I do not see happening.

    Watch the movie FACING THE GIANTS.[/QUOTE]

    Who are the rapists and murderers on our team?? Please inform us, inquiring minds would like to know...

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    Originally Posted by [b]jetrider[/b]
    Hey, Sanchez finally made a list - congrats! - ranked 3rd most overrated.

    I'm sure every player has at least 22 enemies in the league.

    But you missed the point. I never said Tebow should be in the Top 100.

    I just used that as proof that he's accepted as a legit QB, which was the original argument.[/QUOTE]


    [QUOTE=Jordy;4494402]Funny how the Don Rickles of JI bows out when his "proof" suddenly becomes...speculation.[/QUOTE]

    NFL players voted Tebow into the Top 100 as a QB. He's listed as a QB.

    Those are facts.

    Speculation is what peabrains like you offer:

    [QUOTE]Originally Posted by [b]Jordy[/b]
    And that poll doesn't prove that he's accepted as a legit QB. The only thing it [b]might[/b] prove is that other players recognize him as a talented football player. [b]Which I don't think[/b] anyone here denies. But very few here are of the opinion that he's a talented QB.[/QUOTE]

    It doesn't matter what some here think. JI puppets like yourself have nothing to do with NFL players' opinions.

    [QUOTE]Originally Posted by [b]Jordy[/b]
    There are a lot of people here who don't follow your "points."[/QUOTE]

    Again, you're not qualified to speak for anybody. Talk about speculation.

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