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Thread: Oh Look, it's Sandra Fluke. (Opinion Editorial/Obama Re-Election Advert. on CNN)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    It doesn't ignore it, it's simply a bad argument with no meaning of it's own. If thats all it takes, anything I want and desire should be covered, because I pay taxes too, a rediculous assertion.

    Well, as you know we disagree that healthcare is a human right. More so on choice-healthcare or preventative (non-emergent) healthcare.

    Even then, I've already said, if it's for a specific medical condition, I could be flexable. But if it's "Preventative" then sorry, no, not "thousands of dollars of contraceptives per month".
    But you assert the exact same idea, just from the opposite point of view. In effect you are saying that anything you don't feel is necessary/right should not be paid for because you pay taxes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by intelligentjetsfan View Post
    But you assert the exact same idea, just from the opposite point of view. In effect you are saying that anything you don't feel is necessary/right should not be paid for because you pay taxes.
    Of course I'm saying, for example, that Universal Collectivist Healthcare should not be paid for because it's not within the scope of Govt. power in our Constituion, and it will take more of my money against my will to be given to people who did not earn it and in my view have no right to take it from me or benefit from my labors when they can and should be laboring themselves for it.

    Conversely, Ms. Fluke is telling us that I owe her the fruits of my labor to provide her with a thousand dollar box of condom each month, because (apparently to you and her) her condoms are a basic human right that I for some reason OWE to anyone who wants it, and I shouldn't be given any say in that money being taken from me at all. Somehoe I am a human rights violator if I don't want my money to pay for her voluntary sexual activity.

    With repect IJF, the burden of proving valid is and should be on the people who want to take my money from me, not on me for wanting to keep my money.

    This is a core disagreement I have with you and your ilk. You see MY money that I worked hard for as "Ours" collectively to do with as your political leaders see fit, to take and spend in anyw ay that the whims ofthe day waft.

    I see my money as my own personal property, and for the State to take it from me against my will, they better have a damn good reason. And I do not agree that Healthcare Welfare Entitlements to the non-disabled, non-truly poor is a good reason. Nor do I think paying for someone else to have sex is a good reason either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelligentjetsfan View Post
    Your post ignores the fact that Ms. Fluke, and people of like mind, are also paying for those contraceptives as well through taxes.

    Also, since it has been medically proven that contraceptives are indeed used for medical concerns, in my estimation it is very much a human right.
    What is a human right? I understand the physical nature of our bodies like any living creature requires food, water, shelter and may require medical attention to survive. I don't see how that relates to us in any way different than it relates to a dog or a cat. What exactly is a human right?

    We live in a society that has structure based on laws that come out of societal standards but I still don't see any of that as a human right. It may be humane to provide medical care as society sees fit but it's certainly not a human right.

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    Once and for all - again. Birth control pills cost about $10 a month. This is a hardship? Less booze and you can afford it. Or go to PP for free.

    Why should birth control be free and say thyroid replacement meds (needed to LIVE) cost a user. BYW, women as well as men have thyroid probs usually after 45.
    What about blood pressure or a myriad of other afflictions?
    Sorry, more BS from the Hawaiian.

    We should be at least responsible for some of our actions. Want sex? Take precaautions.


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