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Thread: Is anyone else getting excited about this team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigragu View Post
    Ive been a jets fan long enough to know when to be excited. And I am, but not for wins.

    I just cant wait to see this train wreck come out of that tunnel. This will be a season to remember.

    ... when have you felt it was ok to be excited? ... 1999? ... maybe this year will be the opposite of that one & happily surprise ...

    ... def have too many ?'s that need to be answered to be super confident ... but ... IF they are answered positively we can surprise some people this season ...

    ... get off the train tracks & jump on the J-E-T-S local SB2013 heading to the big easy & enjoy the ride! ...


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    imho this team is improved over last season' s and is possibly the best team that rex has had. launching schitty is a big help but they also have made some good progress in revamping the dline and also the oline (oh i know people will talk about ducasse and hunter but the simple fact is getting these guys coached up will make it work). rb is kind of sketchy since greene still hasn't shown consistent above average play. wr is coming around and should be good once they stop doing the revolving door routine. qb is set with sanchez. once again he will be helped because schitty isn't there. te is okay though keller really needs to do more and be more consistent. they need a good blocking te if they don't already have one.

    the defense is set. it's obvious they're building from the inside out and the only area where there might be concern are the lb's. of course if the dline does their job then the lb's will have it easier.


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