[QUOTE=palmetto defender;4493220]I can assure you it's not your psych degree that got you where you are. [B]Hard work.[/B] Mst taking these majors are on the glide.
Ultimately it's communication skills. And leadership.
Doggin, I believe, has a degree in drama at a ok college. Then the law degree at Columbia. He had a strategy to that. I have mentioned that most lawyers are dramatic. LOL.[/QUOTE]

I know, I was just kidding, I have strong comm background, newspaper, radio, tv, and am unfazed by public speaking so I'm able to use what little I remember from my psych classes and my communications composure and competence and fake it in the business world. :D

Dosen't hurt having a wife that's a world beater to learn from and get terrific resumes from.

Have a good weekend on your boat PD.