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Thread: Is Marcus Dowtin working at safety?

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    Is Marcus Dowtin working at safety?

    I ask because of this picture from the NY Jets website. Can't upload it but its Dowtin jumping up for a pick and Smith and Bell are in the picture.

    Looks like he's working with the safeties. Also 44 can be an LB number but most 44's are DBs.

    His measurables and testing matches more with a safety as well. Has anyone heard about this? I know he has top athleticism.

    6'2 230 lbs

    40 yard dash 4.5
    20 split 2.61
    10 split 1.65

    Bench 18
    Vertical 38
    Broad 10'2
    Shuffle 4.14
    3 Cone 6.89

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    That is awful.... the song not Downtin. Had to learn alittle about him but he seems talented. We'll see.


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