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Thread: Just saw That's My Boy with Rex Ryan...

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    [QUOTE=AlwaysGreenAlwaysWhite;4495762]Crazy talk... Grown Ups was solid, as was I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry...

    And personally, I liked just Go With It :yes:[/QUOTE]

    Grown Ups was beyond awful.

    Got dragged to the theater by my ex to go see it.

    Wanted to stab myself in the eyes with a pencil 10 minutes in.

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    (Ouch. )

    "'That's My Boy' is an ominous sign for Adam Sandler. The comedy star's latest film opens poorly, seeming like an attempt to stay relevant. That's what happens when you jump the shark."


    "For Sandler, the key element in "That's My Boy's" shark-jumping is its air of desperation. It feels like the cynical — not to mention doomed — bid by a comic hoping to connect with a generation of younger fans who never knew the baby-faced smart aleck who pushed the envelope in '90s comedies like "Happy Gilmore" and "Billy Madison." In that sense, Sandler most closely resembles Mick Jagger, who at nearly 70 has turned into a shark jumper himself for his preening attempts to act like a rock star a third his age."

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    Reign Over Me was pretty good.

    Sandler should try to get more serious roles like that, because he hasn't been funny in over a decade.


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