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Thread: Floridas Purge

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    Floridas Purge

    Hell no, we don't need no stinkin voter I.D.

    This doesn't include the dead.
    The "poor" minority's can find I.D. for S.S., WIC, SSI, Food stamps, AFDC, Free school lunches, Sec. 8 housing, buying liquor and cigarettes, Can make their way to the store for bottles of soda and bags of chip and can make their way to all he places listed above when they want free sht but, it's too much strain to to get an I.D.

    TALLAHASSEE — Of the 96 people purged from Florida voter rolls because they're in the country illegally, about half were in Lee County, a fact the county's supervisor of elections says does not mean she is on a crusade.

    Florida's purging of voters has become the grist for lawsuits and late night comedy as the Republican controlled state has battled the Democratic Obama administration over how to go about removing ineligible voters. Adding nuance to the story: the state doesn't actually do the removals — that's done by independently-elected county supervisors of elections who don't necessarily answer to Tallahassee.

    The state Division of Elections says that 43 of 96 voters found in the last couple of months to be illegally registered because they're not citizens were registered in Lee County.

    Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington said the high number of names from the county is the result of an ongoing, cooperative effort between her office and the local clerk of courts that allowed her to more quickly find ineligible voters. She was just being prepared, she said.
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